Pomorski muzej Crne Gore, Kotor- Maritime museum of Montenegro,Kotor












This department contains specimens of folk costumes of the inhabitants of the Montenegrin Littoral, jewelry, ornamental items as well as selected pieces of antique furniture.



1.  Women's folk costumes of the Montenegrin coastal places of Dobrota, Risan, Sestane an Spitch including some articles of the Montenegrin folk costume.

2.   The glass  showcases  contain specimens of old jewelry and ornamental items such as women's belts decorated in silver (cemeri), hairspins, fans, watches, spindles, silver buttons and exhibits made of ivory. Of usable objects are displayed:

old English ceramics dishes of extraordinary beauty, pharmacy mortar from the Kotor pharmacy (XVIII c), oil lamps, French clock-gold plated bronze (XIX a), as well as ornamental objects - finely crafted Chinese and Japanese vases.


Selected Pieces of Antique Furniture

3. Secretary - a cupboard with secret drawers

4. A piece of the Tripkovic family's drawing room furniture from the Bay of Kotor (XIX c.)

5. Antique chest of drawers from the Bay of Kotor

6. Gold-plated Venetian looking glass (end of XVIII c.)

7. Chest of drawers with ivory tarsia (second part of XVIII c.)


Artistic pictures

1.   "Little France Laforest in his

Mother's Lap" - Viennese work (first half of XIX c.)

2. "The Sea of HercegNovi" - A. Sosonovski, 1934


Pomorski muzej Crne Gore, 2007.

design: Tricen, Kotor